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David Wallace Shoots - Photographer and Creative Director 



Combining dynamic creativity, urban street lifestyle and social subversion, David Wallace’s work exudes POWER. 
From a young age, he was fascinated by technology and movement. Growing up watching action and superhero films, he has been hugely influenced by the likes of Christopher Nolan and Michael Bay, who constantly push the boundaries of possibility in their work. His interest in exploration and progression evolved from this and also his discontent with normality. He needed the world to see things through his eyes and hustled up the money to purchase his first camera. 

In just 5 short years David has established a signature style that challenges the laws of physics. His thought provoking imagery has coined him the term ‘the magician’ amongst the photography world.

David is recognised around the globe for his #NoPhotoshop levitation shots. Most iconically, his personal creation, the scrabble levitation. He has amassed a social media following stretching into the 100s of thousands and counting. He has landed global campaigns for many major brands including Adidas, Nike, Swatch, Timberland and Doc Martins, and iconic figures such as DJ Khaled, KSI, Ryan Taylor and Pharoahe Monch. 

He is inspired by the unpredictability of human nature and seeking the unknown. He is everywhere. From climbing pyramids in Egypt and scaling 50 story buildings in London to conquering the bridges of New York, look up and he's there. 
David has begun expanding into alternative media and is now creating video content for his newly launched youtube channel. Check it out! 

The illusions he creates push the limitation of the mind and have inspired continuous debates over the techniques he uses. He remains calmly, amusedly adamant. No Photoshop. 


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About the photos

The photos loaded with this site are the property and work of photographer David Wallace Shoots.


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